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Macon Funeral Home

261 Iotla Street, Franklin, NC 28734

Macon Funeral Home

261 Iotla Street, Franklin, NC 28734

Our Heritage

Dear neighbor,

Most of you probably know who I am, but for those of you, who don’t, my name is Larry Buchanan.  My family and I own and operate the Macon Funeral Home.  I do my best to follow in the footsteps of Bruce Bryant and my father, Branch Buchanan, who helped found this funeral home.  We take tremendous pride in living and working here.  My family has served Macon County in different businesses for more than fifty years; and for more than twenty five years with the funeral home.  We do our best everyday to gain that trust and commitment to the community.

Part of what I do can be downright difficult.  The staff and I are always ready to help in times of sorrow and tragedy.  It’s what we do.  But we get just as much satisfaction by helping our neighbors make smart decisions and protect their families.  But we’ll talk more of that later, first I want to tell you what Macon Funeral Home is NOT:

1-      NOT Expensive.  Our goal was to create a facility that was beautiful, flexible, accommodating and AFFORDABLE.  We invite anyone to visit us to get a snapshot of what the service they were thinking of might cost.  It is always best to do this before the time when you are in need.

2-      NOT Out of town.  Our firm is and always has been owned by my family.  We live, work, worship and pay taxes right here in Franklin.

3-      NOT Cold and unfriendly.  Many people think of the funeral profession as a detached and impersonal “business” but these direct, unsolicited quotes from families who have used our service speak for themselves…



“…you made a very difficult time much easier for us to bear.”


“I want to thank you again for your professionalism and kindness…during my dad’s funeral.”


“Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything you did and for remembering our family during this difficult time.”


We take pride in offering things that few others do, like a flexible reception room for refreshment during visitation or for luncheons after the funeral or memorial service.  Our crematory is located right here on our property and open for your inspection at any time.  We have a special agreement in place to allow us to offer savings to the brave men and women who served our country on their funeral prearrangements.

Macon Funeral Home will happily honor prearranged funeral plans from other funeral home, including the Bryant Mutual Burial Association and Potts Mutual Burial Association benefit.  Our doors opened in 1992 to give our neighbors more options for funeral care, and we don’t believe that anyone should be limited by decisions made prior to then.  Stop by and visit with myself or Brian Hylton (note:  you will meet with an actual funeral director, not a salesperson) who can talk about the choices and options you have with the prearranged funeral plan you have in place.  We can also help you make some smart choices if you don’t have a funeral plan made yet.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact us and we will set up a convenient time to get together. 

Many people have the best intentions of taking care of prearranging their funeral “Someday”. The problem my friend, is that for most “Someday” never happens.  Instead, their loved ones are stuck with the task of making lots of decisions during a time when they should just be coping with their grief and taking care of themselves.  They have to make decisions under time pressures and the emotional difficulties that they place on themselves.  I guide them the best I can during these times, but let’s face it:  I can’t tell them what you would want.  And it can be a real hardship on a family to come up with funding for funeral expenses.

Why place that burden on your spouse or your family?  The best way to protect them is for you to sit down with me and create a plan for what you want.  You not only save immeasurable stress on your family, you will minimize any financial hardship on them by planning and funding in advance.

And you know what else?  It makes smart financial sense.  Like any other business, our costs keep going up, so as a result, funerals will always be more expensive in the future than they are today.  You’ll also prevent them from overspending and stressing their own finances.  You can also transfer your paid up funeral plan or mutual burial association membership to us for full credit.

Here’s another fact for you:  although we offer you more than other funeral homes, you will also discover that our prices are very competitive with theirs.  Don’t make the mistake of assuming that because we are one of the nicest facilities in the area that you will pay a drastically different price.

Just imagine what relief you could be offering your loved ones by taking care of this one fact of life.  Most of the time, one meeting is all that is needed to get things put in order.  The purpose of this letter is to invite you to visit with us and let us show you how simple we can make things for you.  In exchange, I promise you that we will do the following:

1-      You will not be pressured to make arrangements or decisions that aren’t right for you.

2-      You will know exactly what the costs are for the services you chose before you sign anything.

3-      You will meet with a licensed funeral director and not a salesperson.

You are free to take me up on this offer anytime.  Just be sure not to put off this very important meeting to “Someday.”


With warmest regards,




Larry Buchanan




Macon Funeral Home







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